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Date: ____________________


To: _______________________ (name)          From: _____________________ (name)

__________________________ (address)      __________________________ (address)


We are happy to send you the items ordered on the enclosed copy of your invoice number __________ to be sold by you on consignment.


You may return unsold items to us for credit.  Of course, you will need to pay the costs of returning such items to us.  Please understand that we may ask you to promptly return those items that you do not sell, as well.  This consignment agreement also includes the following terms:


1.  We retain the right to the immediate return of any unsold goods.


2.  You have agreed to sign any financing agreements that are needed to protect our ownership rights.


3.  All items that you sell under this consignment are subject to the payment terms set out in the attached invoice.


Please indicate that you have accepted the terms of this consignment agreement by signing below under the words "Agreed to and accepted," and returning a signed copy to me by return mail.


Agreed to and accepted:


______________________                           ________________

Signature                                                        Date

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