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This agreement has been entered into by ____________________________ (Name of Manufacturer), of ______________________________________________ (Address), called the manufacturer and ______________________________ (Name of Agent), of _______________________________________________ (Address), called the agent.


The agent proposes to spend a majority of __________ (His/Her) time in the _____________________________________________ (Specify Foreign Territory).


The agent will be the sole exclusive representative for the sale of all products produced for the territory mentioned above.


This agreement will remain valid for a period of __________ (Number) years and is contingent upon the following provisions:  If the agent proves to be successful this agreement will be renewed for a period of __________ (Number) years.  However, if the agent does not prove to be successful at the end of __________ (One Year) from the date of this contract, the manufacturer reserves the right to terminate this agreement.  This agreement can be terminated by either party with one years written notice.


The manufacturer will provide quotations at the standard list price and provide a further discount from these quotations of __________ percent.


1Due to the fact that the manufacturer already has certain customers in both __________ _________________________ (Territory), and also has established export houses in both ______________________________________________ (Location) who purchase their ______________________ (Products) from the manufacturer and ship it to the territory above, this agreement will in no way affect the relationship that currently exists with those customers.

The manufacturer will compensate the agent with a commission of _________ percent when a sale is made to any of the present customers of the manufacturer.


If the agent sells direct, they agree to give manufacturer proper shipping instructions and partial payment or references.  When the _________________ (Product) is ready to ship, the customer must deposit the remaining dollar amount in a reliable bank as approved by the manufacturer.


All quotations are valid for a period of _______________________ (Number) months.


The agent further agrees not to sell any related products in the specified territory that are produced by another company.  The agent will also _________________________ (include any other related terms such as due diligence in the promotion of products)


The manufacturer will cooperate with the agent as stated in this agreement by furnishing _______________________ (catalogs, drawings, blueprints, specifications or any other reasonable supplies) and other information about ____________ (Machinery/Products).




_________________________                  _____________________

Signature                                                      Date



_________________________                  _____________________

Signature                                                      Date

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