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Shipper’s number: ___________________________

_____________________ (Name of issuing carrier)

Agent’s number: ____________________________


Received, subject to the classifications and tariffs in effect on the date of the issue of this bill of lading at _____________ (place of issue) on __________ (date), from _______________ (shipper), the property described below, in apparent good order, except as noted contents and condition of contents of packages unknown, marked, consigned, and destined as indicated below. Each person or corporation in possession of the property under the contract, here referred to as carrier, agrees to carry such property to its usual place of delivery at such destination, if on its own road or its own water line, otherwise to deliver to another carrier on the route to such destination. It is mutually agreed, by each carrier of all or any of such property over all or any portion of such route to destination, and by shipper and any other party at any time interested in all or any of such property, that every service to be performed under this bill of lading shall be subject to all the conditions, whether printed or written, not prohibited by law, that are contained in this bill of lading, including the terms and conditions on the reverse of the document. The surrender of this original ORDER bill of lading properly endorsed shall be required before the delivery of the property. Inspection of property covered by this bill of lading will not be permitted unless provided by law or unless permission is endorsed on this original bill of lading or given in writing by shipper.


Consigned to ORDER of ____________________________________ (consignee).

Destination: ________________________________ (address), __________ (city), __________ County, __________ (state), .

Notify: __________ (designate), at ______________________________________ (address), __________ (city), __________ County, __________ (state), .

Route: __________ (describe).

Delivering carrier: __________ (designate). Car __________. Car No. __________:


Special Mark     Weight            Subject           Check No.         Rate

___________    _________    _________    ___________    _______

___________    _________    _________    ___________    _______

___________    _________    _________    ___________    _______


*If the shipment moves between two ports by a carrier by water, the law requires that the bill of lading shall state whether it is carrier’s or shipper’s weight.


Subject to paragraph 7 of the terms and conditions on the reverse of this bill of lading, if this shipment is to be delivered to consignee without recourse on consignor, consignor shall sign the following statement: The carrier shall not make delivery of this shipment without payment of freight and all other lawful charges.



(Signature of shipper, if desired)


If charges are to be prepaid, write or stamp here, To Be Prepaid: __________.


Received __________ Dollars ($__________) to apply in prepayment of the charges on the property described in this bill of lading.


________________________________________, Agent or Cashier

Per _____________________________________ (signature, if desired)

(The signature here acknowledges only the amount prepaid.)


Charges advanced: __________ Dollars ($__________).


Note where the rate is dependent on value, shippers are required to state specifically in writing the agreed or declared value of the property. The agreed or declared value of the property is hereby specifically stated by shipper to not exceed __________ Dollars ($__________) per __________ (article, unit of weight, or the like).


____________________________, Shipper    ________________, Agent

Per ________________________________________________________

1Signature Per _________________________________________________


Permanent post office address of shipper: ___________________________





Set forth general terms and conditions:










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