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Radio Equipment  

Unless made part of this lease, any representations concerning the distance and locations at which usable radio signals will be transmitted and received by the equipment shall not be enforceable against the lessor or its assignee. LESSOR MAKES NO EXPRESS OR IMPLIED WARRANTY WHATSOEVER WITH RESPECT TO THE EQUIPMENT, INCLUDING BUT NOT LIMITED TO THE IMPLIED WARRANTIES OF MERCHANTABILITY AND FITNESS. Lessor, however, agrees to make available to lessee all benefits due lessor under manufacturer...

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Separation of Joint Interests, Assignment and Assumption  

B. Pursuant to a Participation Agreement dated as of ___(the "Participation Agreement N___") among ALC, ___, Lessee and Trust Company For ALC, Inc., as trustee ("Original N___ Trustee"), Lessee agreed to lease from Original N___ Trustee that certain Aircraft identified on Exhibit B hereto ("Aircraft N___") pursuant to an Aircraft Lease Agreement dated as of ___, as supplemented by a Lease Supplement dated ___(collectiv

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Schedule of Vehicles and Terms: Fuel Agreement; Charges and Adjustments  

Schedule of vehicles and terms: fuel agreement; charges and adjustments. When Lessor provides fuel, the cost is included in the Mileage Charge at $___ per gallon and the refrigeration Hourly Charge at $___ per gallon, as applicable. Guaranteed Annual Mileage: Customer guarantees an annual mileage of ___ per vehicle.

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