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Air Waybill No.: ___________________________________________


Destination (airport of): _____________________________________


Issuer: _________________________________________________


Consigned to: ___________________________________________


Address: ______________________________________________


Also notify: ____________________________________________




Number of packages: ________________


Method of packing: _________________


Nature and quantity of goods: __________


Marks and numbers: ________________


Dimensions or volume: _______________


Gross weight (specify kilograms or pounds): __________


Documents to accompany air waybill (check as applicable):


1__________ Commercial invoice.


__________ Consular invoice.


__________ Certificate of origin.


__________ Other: __________.


Shippers declared value (specify currency):


For customs: $__________.


For carriage: $__________.




Departure (airport of): __________ via __________ (issuer). first carrier.


Via ______________________ to _________________________.


Via ______________________ to _________________________ (destination).




Air freight: $__________. Rate classification: _________________________. Rate: $________________ per __________________________.


Pick up: $______________________.


Delivery: $_____________________.


Insurance premium: $___________________.

Amount of insurance requested: $__________.


Carriers advances: $____________________.


C.O.D. fee: $_________________________.


Less Prepaid: $________________________.


Total: $_____________________________.


Shipper certifies that the particulars on the face of this air waybill are correct and agrees to the conditions on the reverse of this air waybill.


Name of shipper: ________________________.


Address: _______________________________.


Signature: ______________________________.


Date: _________________________________


Issuer certifies that the above mentioned goods were received for carriage subject to the conditions on the reverse of this air waybill, the goods then being in apparent good order and condition except as noted on this document.


Name of issuers agent: _________________________________________.


Address: ___________________________________________________



Signature: ___________________________________________________


Date: ____________________________________________


 Conditions of Contract


1. Transportation under this air waybill if international transportation carriage as defined by the Convention of Warsaw of 12th October, 1929, for the unification of certain rules relating to international carriage by air, is subject to the rules relating to liability established by the convention. Insofar as there is no inconsistency with such rules, transportation under this air waybill, or other services performed by carrier(s) in respect of which any liability may attach to carrier(s) is also subject to the terms and conditions set forth in this air waybill and to the conditions of transportation, tariffs, rules, regulations and timetables, but not the times of departure and arrival stated therein, of carrier(s), which are hereby made a part of this air waybill and copies of which are available for inspection at any of the offices of carrier(s) and at airports from which it operates regular services. Transportation under this air waybill is also subject to applicable laws, governmental regulations, demands, orders, and requirements. The agreed stopping places, which may be altered by carrier(s) in case of necessity, are those places, other than the airports of departure and destination, set forth on the face of this air waybill and/or shown in the timetables of carrier(s) as scheduled stopping places for the particular routing. In cases subject to English law and in which English law is applied, carriers declare that they are not common carriers and do not accept the obligation or liability of common carriers nor is there implied in the contract of transportation any warranty concerning the aircraft engaged in the transportation or concerning its fitness for the transportation of the goods to which such contract relates.


2. A choice of rates according to value having been offered, shipper agrees that the liability, if any, of carrier(s) shall in no event exceed shippers declared value for transportation stated on the face of this air waybill, on which charges for carriage are partly based, liability for partial loss or damage to be computed pro rata on the basis of such declared value. If, and to the extent that it is not in conflict with the law to be applied, carrier(s), its servants or agents, shall be under no liability to shipper, his or her heirs, legal representatives, or dependents, or their respective assignees, for loss or damage to goods arising out of the transportation or any other services or operations of carrier(s), its servants or agents, whether or not caused or occasioned by the act, neglect or default of carrier(s), its servants or agents, or otherwise.


3. Shipper agrees that no time is fixed for the completion of transportation under this air waybill, and that carrier(s) may substitute alternative carrier(s). Shipper accepts all the terms, conditions, and provisions contained or referred to in this air waybill and the tariff(s), classifications, rates, regulations, and conditions of carriage of carrier(s), and agrees that they shall be binding on shipper, consignee and owner of the goods. Shipper guarantees payment of collect charges and advances.


4. The goods, or packages said to contain the goods, described on the face of this air waybill, are accepted for transportation from the airport of departure to the airport of destination and for delivery or transshipment to the consignee, as provided in this air waybill. Such transportation is subject to the tariff(s), classifications, rates, regulations, terms, and conditions of carriage of carrier(s) in effect on the date of this waybill, which can be inspected at its offices insofar as such conditions and regulations are not inconsistent with the conditions and provisions referred to or stated in this waybill. Such goods, or packages, if received in any other place than the airport of departure designated in this waybill, are accepted for forwarding and consignment by other transportation organization(s) to the airport of departure, subject to the charges, advances, tariff(s), regulations, and conditions of such other transportation organization(s) in effect on the date of this waybill, in lieu of the terms and conditions of carrier(s) as referred to or described in this document.


5. In arranging for surface transportation on behalf of shipper, carrier(s) acts only as agent of shipper and shall not be liable for any loss, delay, destruction, or damage that may arise from such transportation.


6. Actions must be brought before the court of the principal place of business of carrier(s).


7. If the appropriate premium is paid, the goods covered by this waybill are insured on behalf of shipper, under an open policy in the amount of shippers requested insurance set forth on the face of this waybill, recovery being limited to the actual loss or damage, against all risks of physical loss or damage from any external cause, except those arising directly or indirectly from war risks, strikes, riots, hostilities, or legal seizure, or delay or inherent vice; and subject to the terms and conditions of such open policy. The terms and conditions of the open policy are available for inspection by shipper. Claims should be reported to any office of carrier(s).


8. No agent or employee of either shipper or issuer has authority to alter, modify or waive in any manner any of the provisions or conditions of this contract.


9. As used throughout this document, the term air waybill is equivalent to air consignment note, the term shipper is equivalent to consignor, and the term transportation is equivalent to carriage.


For the purpose of the exemptions from liability provisions set forth in this waybill or contained in the Warsaw Convention, the term carrier as used in this waybill, shall be deemed to include the agents, servants, and representatives of the carrier.

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