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Forms 1- 7 of 7 Available for 'Joint Venture'

Real Estate Transactions  

A, through knowledge of lands and land values in ___ county, has selected for purchase the land described below and bid in at the recent sale of ___ by the government, in the name of ___, tract No. ___, in the published list of lands offered at this sale, the tract being described as follows: ___. Terms of sale required payment of § cash at time of sale, § in one year and .

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Agreement for Liquidation of Construction Project Joint Venture  

Agreement for liquidation of construction project joint venture. This agreement by and between A corporation as agent, here ("agent,") ABCDE, (the "joint venture"), and A corporation, B corporation, C corporation, D corporation and E corporation, ("venturers"). The joint venture has completed construction of the ___ project, and desires to wind up and liquidate.

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To Purchase Land  

This syndicate agreement taking place of bylaws, the executive committee the place of officers and board of directors, and syndicate certificates the place of stock certificates. The title to the real estate shall be taken in the name of the syndicate manager or such person as the syndicate manager may direct. The syndicate manager shall execute a declaration of trust stipulating that such property is held in trust for the syndicate.

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To Develop and Construct Low-income Housing  

The authority acknowledges that (1) ___ Company, Inc. is an acceptable and qualified developer in satisfaction of the requirements of section ___ of the regulations; and that (2) the ___ area selected by the developer is a good and proper choice for low-cost housing development and construction. "Venture" means this joint venture. The purpose of this joint venture is to develop and construct the ___ project at ___, a low-cost housing project for residents

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For Apartment and Medical Buildings and Shopping Center  

1. That this joint venture is an interim status by the parties for the acquisition of options or earnest monies or properties located in the ___ area, and that any dealings by the parties in such land, options, leases or purchases shall be for the benefit of the joint venture, regardless in whose name the options, earnest monies or purchase agreements may be undertaken. 4. That the parties acknowledge that ___ shall spend time as the real estate representative of the joint venture...

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One Party Advancing Purchase Price  

One party advancing purchase price. A proposes furnishing the money necessary to purchase the property. 3. A is to receive ___% interest per year, payable semiannually on money invested in purchasing property whether property rents for sufficient amount to pay that or not, after making necessary repairs.

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Reciprocal Releases on Winding Up of Construction Project  

The parties have, by agreement dated ___, created the ABCDE joint venture for the purpose of performing the construction contract with [e.g., the United States of America, Department of Interior, Bureau of Reclamation], for the construction of ___. The joint venture has completed performance of the construction contract, and has rendered a final accounting to the venturers. 2. Each of the venturers releases each and all of the others and the ABCDE joint venture from any and all ...

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