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Subdivision Cost Estimate Proposal (Engineers/Surveyors/Planners)  

In order to assist in your decision to develop the subdivision and sell individual lots, or sell the property as an approved project and let someone else be the developer, Mr. __ has requested this proposal to prepare a cost estimate. We propose to furnish labor and material, complete in accordance with the above description and subject to Exhibits No. Monthly on a percent complete bases; no retainage withheld Accepted by : ____ Title : ...

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Agreement of Purchase and Sale Bulk Sale of Residential Property  

This Agreement of Purchase and Sale ("Agreement") is made as of ___[date] ("Effective Date"), by and between ___, herein called "Bank," and ___, a California corporation, herein called "Buyer." B. Bank desires to sell the Real Property in its "As Is" condition to Buyer and Buyer desires to purchase the Real Property in bulk in its "As Is" condition from Bank on the terms and conditions contained in this Agreement. Bank

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Establishment of Subdivision with Uniform Building Restrictions  

Establishment of subdivision with uniform building restrictions. Owners give, grant and dedicate all those strips of land, as shown on accompanying map of ___ as streets, avenues and public roads to public to be so used as streets, avenues, roads and highways forever. 1. Any lot or lots in the addition, when sold, now and in the future, shall be used for residential purposes only, and only one dwelling house shall be constructed and maintained on any such lot of land.

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Deed Creating Subdivision Restrictions and Trust for Lot Owners  

Deed creating subdivision restrictions and trust for lot owners. Certain beneficiaries, who are now or shall in the future become parties to this agreement in the manner here provided ("lot owners"). If all positions of trustees shall become vacant, the lot owners shall have authority in like manner in writing to name successors.

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Subdivision Mortgage with Release Clause Based on Ratio of Payment and Value  

Subdivision mortgage with release clause based on ratio of payment and value. This purchase money mortgage, made on ___[date], between ___, ___ and ___("mortgagors"), and ___ Development Company, Inc., a body corporate of the State of ___("mortgagee"). Provided, that if the mortgagors, their heirs, personal representatives, successors or assigns, shall pay the mortgage indebtedness and accrued interest from the date of this agreement, and

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Seller's Covenant to Install Subdivision Improvements  

Seller's covenant to install subdivision improvements. In the event seller does not complete the above-described construction within the ___-day period, purchaser at h- option may have return of the ___ dollars in escrow, and this contract shall then become void. However, in the event seller does not complete h- obligation within said ___-day period, purchaser shall have the option of allowing this contract to remain in full force for an additional ___-month period ...

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Covenants for Stormwater Runoff Control Measures and Maintenance  

Covenants for stormwater runoff control measures and maintenance. THIS DECLARATION, made this ___ day of ___[month], ___[year], between ___[name parties] and all successors in interest, hereinafter referred to as the "COVENANTOR(S)," owner(s) of the following property: ___[specify property] on which best management practices, hereinafter referred to as "BMPs", to control stormwater runoff have been constructed, and County of ___, ___

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Erosion and Sediment Control Agreement Between Developer and Municipality  

Erosion and sediment control agreement between developer and municipality. WHEREAS, County desires to insure the installation, maintenance, and adequate performance of such control measures. The County will deliver or mail to Developer a copy of an invoice for work performed or caused to be performed pursuant to this agreement.

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Bond of Subdivider to Install Improvements and Utilities  

Bond of subdivider to install improvements and utilities. [Obligation] The principal has filed with the City [Town] of ___ a plat of a proposed subdivision in ___, more particularly described as ___ subdivision, plat ___, and, indorsed on the plat, the agreement of principal to install in the subdivision improvements and utilities, specifically: ___, required by law to be installed prior to approval of the subdivision and plat. Provision has been made by law and...

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Assignment to Municipality of Security for Erosion Control Measures  

Assignment to municipality of security for erosion control measures. 3. In connection with its approval of development of the Property, the County desires to obtain security, through the assignment of certain funds evidenced by a Certificate of Deposit held at the Bank, for the installation and maintenance of Erosion Control Measures in accordance with the Requirements. If the Developer does not complete, construct, and maintain the Erosion Control Measures in accordance with the ...

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Trustees to Administer Subdivision  

When the corporation [grantor] shall have disposed of all its lots in the subdivision, or after the expiration of ___ years from the date of this agreement, the corporation [grantor] may, at its option, convey, release and quitclaim, to ___[e.g., three] trustees, who shall be lot owners, to be elected by all of the then lot owners, each owner to have one vote in such election, all its right, title and interest in and to the parkways, walkways, roads, water system, and improvements...

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Subdivider's Agreement to Sell Water System to City in Future  

Subdivider's agreement to sell water system to city in future. This right of purchase agreement is made on ___[date], between the City of ___, a municipal corporation ("city"), acting through its duly authorized officers, the undersigned, and ___, as owner and developer of a certain subdivision in the City of ___, ___ County, ___("developer"). City contemplates that it will, at some future date, organize and develop a municipal water and s

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