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Not to Sue  

I [we] reserve the right to make claim against any and every other person, and reserve also the right to make claim that they, and not the payors, are solely liable to me [us] for my [our] injuries, losses and damages. In the event that other tortfeasors are responsible to me for damages as a result of this accident, the execution of this release shall operate as a satisfaction of my claim against those other parties to the extent of the relative pro rata share of common liability of the ...

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Suit Covenants  

A has offered to pay B the sum of $___ in return for a covenant not to sue A and to cease and desist from prosecution of the above cause of action, the receipt of which sum is acknowledged by B, and B, [his] her successors and assigns, covenants with A, his [her] successors and assigns, that [he] she will not bring, commence, prosecute, maintain or cause or permit to be brought, commenced, prosecuted or maintained any other suit or action, either at law or in equity, in any court in the ...

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Disc Jockey  

The parties recognize that it will be difficult to determine the damages which would be suffered by employer in the event of a breach of this covenant not to compete and it is agreed by the parties that any breach by employee shall entitle employer to liquidated damages against employee in the amount of $___. It is specifically understood that in the event of litigation resulting from a breach of this covenant not to compete, employer shall be entitled to recover, in addition to any ...

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