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Distributor Agreement  

Company is engaged in the manufacture [distribution] and sale of ___ and related products. 1. Company employs representative as its [exclusive] distributor [dealer] [agent] from this date until ___[date], in the following described territory: ___, to promote, [distribute] and sell company's products in that territory. Arrange and conduct sales clinics for dealer [agents] [sales representatives], but being bound to expend no more than ___ percent of the gross sales of ...

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Petroleum and Automotive Products  

Either party may terminate this agreement by written notice to the other party at least 30 days prior to the effective date of termination. The requirement that any force majeure be remedied with all reasonable dispatch shall not require the settlement of strikes or labor controversies by acceding to the demands of the opposing party or parties. Written notice shall be deemed to have been given when notice has been sent by United States registered mail, postpaid, directed to the principal ...

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Contract to Distribute-Beauty Supplies, Manufacturer's Subdivision  

Contract to distribute-Beauty supplies, manufacturer's subdivision. ___(manufacturer's subdivision) (called A) appoints ___(distributor) (called B) as a franchised distributor of ___(trade name) (products manufactured by A) to beauty parlors only with the right to designate himself [herself] as such to the public. 4. At the expense of (trade name) products, a qualified (trade name) products sales representative or sales promotion representative may call on B for the purpose...

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Products Available under Specified Trademarks  

Products available under specified trademarks. E. The term ___[products] as used in this agreement, refers to products sold by manufacturer under ___[number and description] trademarks, which products are designed especially for ___ purposes. Manufacturer appoints ___ as sole distributor for ___[names of states], during the term of this agreement, of the ___[Products], and distributor accepts that appointment and agrees to act as such sold distributor.

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Replacement Distributor Agreement  

(5). enter into Consolidating Brewers, Inc.'s now current form of "Wholesalers' Equity and Distribution Agreement", with respect to all brands and all territory which Incorrigible will be serving (which has been described to you at the time this letter is delivered to you) and which reserves to the brewery the right to directly promote, sell and deliver Buddy Brand Products to certain multi-unit chain and mass merchandiser outlets doing retail business in and beyond Incorrigible's mark

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National Product Distribution  

Any ABC Product which ABC ceases to sell for any reason shall automatically be deleted from Schedule "A" without liability to ABC. C. ABC shall sell ABC Products to Distributor at prices to be fixed by ABC. (2). Make reasonable efforts to meet Distributor's reasonable ABC Product requirements and requested shipping schedule, in accordance ABC's published procedures.

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Foreign Affiliate  

A appoints B its exclusive distributor in that part of ___(foreign country) (called "territory") for professional beauty salon products and their beauty products sold under trademarks owned by manufacturer. B shall purchase from A all its requirements of products for beauty salons except those listed in Schedule II. During the term of this agreement B will not sell any products competitive with manufacturer's products other than those listed in Schedule III.

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Beer Distributorship, Particular Provisions  

You will sell me ___ beer for resale with the understanding that I will expend my best efforts in distributing and selling it. Your prices to me will be the prices for the beer and returnable bottles (if so packaged) effective at the time of the acceptance of my orders. If this relationship is terminated, it is understood that all my unfilled orders for beer are cancelled and you may stop and reclaim any beer in transit to me.

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Distribution Rights Transfer Agreement  

THIS AGREEMENT is made ___[date] by and between Consolidating Brewers, Inc. ("CBI"), located in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and Good Guys Wholesale Beer, Inc. ("GGB"), located in Oldetimers Towne, New York. Buddy Brand Products ordered and in transit prior to the Termination Date will be purchased by and delivered to Incorrigible. C. For 30 days following the Termination Date, all requests for sales and service relating to Buddy Brand Products shall be referred to Incorrigib

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Vacuum Cleaner Distributors, Dealers, Salespersons, Etc  

Vacuum cleaner distributors, dealers, salespersons, etc. The dealer will pay the distributor cash on delivery for parts, supplies, and accessories and may either pay the distributor cash on delivery for ___ cleaners and other complete devices or purchase them on open account and shall bear all expenses, taxes, license fees, and other charges incurred in the resale of this merchandise. The distributor will extend credit to the dealer on open account only in accordance with the ...

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Immediately upon sending notice of termination by company or upon receipt by company of notice given by the distributor, company may ship or deliver, or any distributor designated by company may ship or deliver, beer and ale to any firm, person or corporation it desires in the territory. Any termination of this agreement shall, at the election of company, operate as a cancellation of all orders for beer or ale which may have been placed with company by distributor, whether or not the beer or...

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Synthetic Materials  

3. B may make outright purchases from A pursuant to specific chemical contracts of any of chemicals in tank car, compartment tank car, carload, mixed carload or tank truck quantities under the prevailing terms and conditions and at the current prices of A to distributors. If at any time A should increase its selling price to distributors of any of the chemicals, B shall pay A an amount equal to the increase in price multiplied by the quantity of said chemical in its original form which B may...

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Newspapers for Local Distribution  

A agrees to purchase from B and B agrees to sell and deliver to A sufficient copies of newspapers, as are published from day to day, and B agrees to supply all newspapers in the following territory, known as Route No. A agrees to pay to B for all newspapers purchased and delivered to regular subscribers at the following rate: ___ percent (___ percent) of the entire amount charged by A (excluding sales or use taxes) to each regular subscriber for ___ newspapers, computed on ...

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