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Forms 1- 4 of 4 Available for 'Nuisance'

Notice Requiring Removal  

Take notice that I hereby require you to remove the nuisance and obstruction arising from [describe the cause] at ___; and in default of your removing such nuisance and obstruction within ___ days from the service of this notice, I shall [with workmen] proceed to abate and remove such nuisance and obstruction as I am by law entitled to do, and shall require you to pay the expenses incident thereto; and further, I beg to inform you that the materials of such obstruction will be ...

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Contract Between Property Owners to Prevent Operation of Funeral Parlor  

Contract between property owners to prevent operation of funeral parlor. The undersigned property owners in the city blocks between ___ avenue and ___ boulevard, on both sides of ___ boulevard, in the city of ___, ___, for the purpose of protecting the health, peace, and comfort of themselves, their families, and each other, and for the purpose of protecting their and each other's real estate in said locality from depreciation, do hereby agree, each with the ...

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Acknowledgment of Public Nuisance by Owner and Waiver As to Removal  

Acknowledgment of public nuisance by owner and waiver as to removal. I (We), the undersigned residing at ___ in the city of ___, ___, do acknowledge that there is located on our real estate a tree or trees that are diseased or damaged so as to constitute a public nuisance. The legal description of the real estate is: ___.

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Health Department Order Condemning Building  

Health department order condemning building. By authority referred to under [citation of statute or ordinance], the department of health hereby declares that your below described property constitutes a public nuisance and health hazard. 3. No foundations under buildings-the buildings having been severely damaged by flood waters.

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