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Confidential Information Disclosure Agreement  

All information, and all documents, records, notebooks, drawings, photographs, and any repositories or representations of such information are hereinafter referred to as confidential information. SECTION TWO - The owner desires to make available certain of the confidential information for the sole purpose of evaluating said information in reference to potential commercial use of the company or to selling an interest in a business venture which relates to such confidential information. SECTION...

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Nondisclosure Agreement  

This agreement is entered between S Corporation ("S") and ___ ("contractor"), on ___[date]. Section 1. Nondisclosure of secret information. The contractor agrees that neither it nor any of its subsidiaries, divisions, employees, agents, independent contractors or other persons or organizations over which it has control, will at any time during or after its relationship with S, directly or indirectly use any secret information for any purposes not associated with S

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Evaluation of Business Opportunity-University & Private Party - Secrecy & Nondisclosure Agreement  

2 Confidential Information shall be used by the receiving party solely for the purposes of facilitating and conducting the evaluation. 3 Confidential Information disclosed by one party to the other shall remain the property of the disclosing party, and shall be returned upon written request. 4 The disclosure of Confidential Information by one party to the other shall not constitute a grant by the disclosing party to the receiving party of any species of right, title, interest, or property ...

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Mutual Nondisclosure Between Manufacturer and Supplier  

___ and ___ agree that for a period of one (1) year from the date of each receipt of written information marked Proprietary or Confidential, or information disclosed orally and identified orally as Confidential or Proprietary at the time of disclosure and reduced to writing and delivered to the receiving party within ten (10) days after that disclosure, the receiving party shall not disseminate or publish the information, but only if and to the extent that information is in fact ...

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Contract Not to Divulge  

___ shall not give any information about the process, know-how and trade secrets to any unauthorized person, firm or corporation outside the ___ Organization. If this contract should be terminated due to a default by either party before the term here provided, then that party in default shall not in any way or manner make known, disclose or communicate any information obtained through the terms of this contract to any person, firm or corporation, nor will that party commit any act...

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License to Use Process  

Now, therefore, the parties agree that in consideration of A fully informing B of the nature and use of this formula, process or method, and permitting B to use this formula, process or method in the manufacture of candy by it at its various plants, B agrees to pay A, by way of royalty, one-fourth of the savings effected by its use as against the cost of candy made in the old method now in use by B, on all candy manufactured by B in which this process is used, the royalty being payable on the...

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Systems Development and License Agreement  

Systems development and license agreement. Combination Product shall mean a single product (including a process or an application) which is made by combining one or more Primary Products, Other Products, Similar Products, and products which are not Primary Products, Other Products or Similar Products. Net Other Royalty Income shall mean Net Royalty Income relating to Other Products.

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Contract of Sale of Process Or Formula  

Contract of sale of process or formula. Seller, for the considerations named below, here sells and assigns to buyer absolutely, certain formulas owned by seller for the manufacture of the following, namely: ___, together with the exclusive right to manufacture and sell all articles in accordance with the formulas. All improvements or changes in the formulas made by seller during the life of this contract shall inure to the benefit of purchaser, and shall be considered as conveyed by ...

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Method of Manufacturing Artificial India Rubber  

Method of manufacturing artificial India rubber. Inventor has represented to company and its directors that by means of the above-mentioned method rubber of a quality equal to the best merchantable Para rubber can be manufactured in bulk at a cost not exceeding $___ per ton. Inventor shall, upon this deposit being made, make a statutory declaration that the envelope so deposited contains such a full and complete description of the method and process referred to above.

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Method of Manufacturing Gasoline from Natural Gas (Sale Subject to Test)  

Method of manufacturing gasoline from natural gas (sale subject to test). Seller claims to have information with reference to a process for manufacturing gasoline from natural gas which is unknown to buyers, but seller is willing to impart this information under proper safeguard to buyers for consideration specified below. 3. At the end of the ___ days buyers shall determine and announce to seller whether they desire to take over the process or not.

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